Fertility Support

fertilityAre you struggling to fall pregnant? Try Our Fertility Support Program for a gentle way to help prepare and nourish your body for pregnancy. We aim to provide a safe, nurturing and welcoming environment for you to discuss your issues and help to find a suitable solution.

At Acurepoint Health Clinic, we offer Infertility Treatment and IVF Support Treatment which have been designed to address the needs of couples facing the challenges of modern life while trying to maximise health and fertility.

Infertility Treatment

If you tried over 1 year but still fail to fall pregnant, we suggest you to try acupuncture treatment. Our Infertility Treatment helps to improve the fertility of both partners by addressing any underlying imbalances in the body that may be affecting their health and ability to conceive.

In Females

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine can:

  • Regulate the hormones in the body (e.g. FSH, LH, Oestrogen and Progesterone)
  • Improve the health of the ovaries, eggs and the uterus
  • Regulate ovulation
  • Increase the receptivity and thickness of the endometrial lining
  • Enhance the quality and quantity of fertile mucus
  • Reduce sperm antibodies and hostile mucus
  • Address underlying blockages to fertility such as endometriosis, poly-cystic ovaries, fibroids
  • Help with emotions such as stress and anxiety
  • Support a sustained pregnancy

In Males

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine can:

  • Improve sperm morphology and motility
  • Increase sperm count
  • Increase overall energy levels
  • Enhance libido
  • Calm anxiety and stress
  • Improve general health

Infertility Treatment Program

It is best that both you and your partner attend the first consultation. Traditional Chinese Medicine theory is a holistic medicine approach. Our practitioner will check your body by Chinese Traditional diagnosis methods (including tongue and pulse diagnosis, signs and symptoms) to find out the imbalances in the body and then discuss the specific concerns with you to determine the most effective strategy to improve your chance of success.

Because of the complex nature of infertility, multiple treatments are needed to ensure optimal success. Infertility treatments vary from person to person, but are usually scheduled for at least 12 weeks (three consecutive cycles).

Efficacy can usually be seen within one to three courses. It is advised for those undergoing treatment to have patience and to understand that it takes time to get the body back into balance.

IVF Support Treatment

According to modern scientific research, a large number of couples will suffer from the certain level of infertility, especially in the western world. In Australia, the results of the 2006 National Fertility Survey demonstrated that, across all age groups, nearly 16.6 % couples fail to fall pregnant after a year of trying.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is one of the common ways for infertility treatment. The technique of IVF is mature, however, the success rate for fertility still varies. Women have a 1 in 4 chance of falling pregnant if they use In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) alone. Numerous large-scale randomized controlled trials (Paulus WE, et al. Fertil Steril. 2002; Manheimer E, et al. BMJ. 2008.) prove that acupuncture is a generally safe and effective way to increase the success rate of IVF up to 65%. The acupuncture intervention in every stage of IVF demonstrates significant beneficial effects on increasing the success rate.

IVF Support Treatment Program

  1. Pregnancy Planning: Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine prior to starting your IVF cycle can help establish your regular period cycle, assist with ovulation, improve egg quality and improve men’s semen quality and quantity. We recommend that 1-2 treatments per week for 4-6 weeks prior to IVF as this can facilitate the next stage of IVF.
  2. During the Ovarian Stimulation Phase: Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine can help stimulate the ovaries to respond better to the injectable medications by producing more follicles and mature eggs. It can also increase blood supply to uterus and thus thicken the uterine lining to prepare for the transfer of embryos and reduce the side-effects of the medications. We recommend 2 treatments per week during this phase.
  3. After Egg Collection: We suggest you continue to do acupuncture treatment after egg collection as it is an effective way to draw the blood to uterus and create a harmonious environment for the arrival of embryo. Also, it can help reduce any local tissue trauma and bleeding. We recommend 1 treatment just after egg collection or within the following couple of days.
  4. On the Day of Embryo Transfer: Some researchers have shown that having one session of acupuncture before embryo transfer and one after embryo transfer (including frozen embryo transfer) can increase pregnancy rates. We recommend 1 treatment before and 1 treatment after embryo transfers within 24 hours.
  5. After Embryo Transfer: After embryo transfer, you need to wait for two weeks until it is time for the pregnancy test. Acupuncture can support the implantation process, keep your mind calm and reduce your stress during this waiting period. We recommend 3-4 treatments between the time of embryo transfer and the pregnancy test.
  6. Get Pregnant: If you have positive result in the pregnancy test, CONGRATULATIONS! We strongly recommend you to continue acupuncture treatment once a week throughout your first trimester for maintenance and monitoring.

Fee Schedule

Initial Consultation and Treatment ————————————- $85

Standard Consultation and Treatment ——————————- $65

Embryo Transfer Acupuncture (2 Session) ————————– $110

Initial Consultation and Treatment for Both Partners ——— $160

Standard Consultation and Treatment for Both Partners —- $120


Winnie Lam

Dr. Winnie is a registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner with AHPRA and CMRB. She obtained the Bachelor Degree of Chinese Medicine with First Class Honors and Master Degree of Science in Acupuncture in Hong Kong. Winnie is interested in helping with women’s health issues which include dysmenorrhea, menstrual problems, polycystic ovarian syndrome and menopausal syndrome. She is also specialized in providing fertility support and IVF support treatment by using acupuncture and Chinese Medicine herbs.

Evie Goh

Dr. Evie is a registered Chinese Medicine practitioner with AHPRA and CMRB and holds a double degree in Chinese Medicine and health science from RMIT University. She was drawn to study Chinese Medicine after seeing the emphasis it places on treating patients holistically. Chinese Medicine utilizes the patient’s own energy, or Qi, to help to return the body to a state of balance.



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