Dr. Chiew Khiuk Pui

Khiuk is a registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner with AHPRA and CMRB. She graduated as a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner in Perth in 2005. After graduation, Khiuk completed her internship at the ZhangZhou Hospital, Fujian province in China which specialized in both Chinese & Western Medicine. Upon returning from China, Khiuk began her practice as a Chinese Medicine & acupuncture practitioner alongside her pharmacy job.

Khiuk is a passionate Chinese medicine and acupuncture practitioner who likes her clients to maintain good health & a pain-free lifestyle in positive, caring and holistic environment. She applies needling and manual techniques to treat a diverse range of ailments and conditions such as women’s health, symptoms of chronic stress, anxiety, depression, lethargy, sugar craving, headache, insomnia and digestive complaints. She is also currently working alongside with the GPs at a clinic to treat patients who prefer natural way to achieve good health, especially in pain management.

Khiuk has further studied Tung’s acupuncture & Balance method for fast and effective pain relief. Not only Tung’s acupuncture can treat pain but it can also be used to balance the body to provide harmony in the body system. Another treatment she has learned was Ear Acupuncture which is a highly effective for treating pain and internal syndromes. It can also be used to treat addiction problems related to alcohol, drug or smoking. Khiuk has often applied a combined method to achieve the best possible result and to facilitate fast recovery for patients.

Khiuk is multi-lingual and possesses good communication skills and a background in healthcare allowing for a multidisciplinary approach. Her personal interests include going to gym and yoga to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

She also works as a part time pharmacist and a member of ANTA.